We draw from the talents of environmental scientists, social scientists, and work with local groups and residents, to create a shared plan for the future.

Ecological Restoration

SMPIL works to restore native habitats -- in yards, in public spaces. We help to foster a spirit of local stewardship, a pride in local nature. We offer strategies for removing invasive plants. We build local forests, pollinator gardens, bioswales, and rain gardens. By returning nature to our communities, we are helping our local animal populations, which have been plummeting locally and globally.

Project Management

SMPIL Consulting's mission is to build local sustainability through ecological restoration, stormwater management, removing invasive species, and adaptively managing the land. We accomplish this by organizing the disparate talents and capabilities required. We know our science, but also how to restore communities, and how to dig and plant. All our projects are all designed in a site-specific manner. Through expert design and thorough detailed planning, we restore and heal local environments.

Expert Services

We provide litigation support and represent our clients before administrative agencies. We excel in complex environmental cases where scientific expertise matters.

Prosocial Programming

SMPIL Consulting understands the importance of building community as it works to restore local animal and plant communities. Our firm specializes in the methodologies that enhance community cooperation and collaboration.

SMPIL's Core Values

• Nature is our architect; our complex planting designs emulate it.
• We believe in the uniqueness of "place," whether a yard or a forest
• We champion local stewardship, fostering on people a love of local life
• Restoring natural beauty helps to build sustainability locally


Through its affiliate, Spadefoot Design and Construction, SMPIL provides all the resources necessary to create the plantings for your property -- all the machinery and labor, the landscaping planning, and the plants themselves.


Our focus is SMPIL: "What would be here if we weren't? What trees, flowers, shrubs, and birds?" By focusing on recreating the beauty of a place, we work to assure a sustainable future in every community.


While we seek beauty, we are governed by science. We plot and chart the return of local complex ecosystems, improving our efforts over time through a strategy of adaptive management.


SMPIL Consulting embraces rigorous scientific methods. The science dictates that habitat restoration must be done quickly and at scale. Our goal is to organize passion and to provide a scalable solution for a planet in great environmental distress.

Bioswales designed by SMPIL

We look forward to doing great things with
you anywhere in the world.

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We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.