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Frank Piccininni

Partner and Co-Founder

Frank is a practicing attorney specializing in the conservation and management of natural systems within human-impacted landscapes.  He is an expert in environmental regulatory issues, environmental law, and land use.  Additionally, Frank has a Master’s Degree in Biology.

Frank is Partner and Co-Founder at SMPIL Consulting, Ltd., working with real estate developers to ensure that they proceed in a sustainable and conscientious manner.  Additionally, Frank is on the Board of Directors for Save The Great South Bay, where he has led research into the relationship between land use and the onsite retention of stormwater and nutrients.  Frank has also published numerous peer-reviewed articles, and is a member of the editorial advisory board of the Environmental Claims Journal.  Finally, Frank is Co-Chair of the Land Use Committee of the New York State Bar Association.  

Frank designs and implements field biological studies that detail the impacts of wildlife, vegetation, hydrology, geologic features, and human on an ecosystem’s structure and function as they interact.  His research analyzes how these various impacts may be properly mitigated.

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Environmental regulatory issues, Environmental law, Land use

Master’s Degree, Biology